Knoxx Industries 4300 Winchester 1300 SpecOps Adjustable Stock


Knoxx Industries 4300 Winchester 1300 SpecOps Adjustable Stock
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Knoxx Industries 4300 Winchester 1300 SpecOps Adjustable Stock

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From the longest arm of the law to the shortest, the popular SpecOps Stock™ is instantly adjustable to fit any shooter. With over 4 inches of adjustment, this is a stock that the entire department can use comfortably in any application and with any load.

This patented Knoxx recoil-reducing stock will revolutionize the way you think about shotguns. Utilizing dual Knoxx recoilcompensating systems, the SpecOps Stock™ has the ability to reduce felt recoil of even the most potent loads by up to 95%. The SpecOps Stock™ makes even the heaviest loads easy for all shooters to handle!

The SpecOps’ polymer and alloy construction makes it durable, reliable and built to last. Also, the unique features and design of this pistol grip style stock allows law enforcement agencies and military personnel the ability to use their shotguns with all loadbearing and ballistic tactical vests.

Designed to fit any and all shooters, and practically devoid of recoil, the SpecOps Stock™ is the most popular of the Knoxx line of recoil-reducing products. Not only is it utilizing two recoilabsorbing mechanisms to soak up recoil, it also adjusts to fit any shooter regardless of the situation or application.

Hunters and competitive shooters will find their scores and hit ratios improving as flinching and recoil anticipation dramatically decreases.


SpecOps Stock™ Unique Features Include:

•Instantly adjustable stock to fit all shooters
•11.25 to 15.25-inch length-of-pull (The butt pad must be removed to obtain the shortest LOP)
•Perfect fit with load-bearing and ballistic tactical vests
•Dual recoil compensation systems eliminate harsh recoilwith all loads
•Unique design cuts muzzle rise - Back on target faster
•Eliminate shoulder fatigue and related recoil injuries


Adjustable Length of Pull (11.5" to 15.25") / 5 positions

•Ideal fit for any clothing or gear
•Perfect fit for any sized shooter
•Reduced injury due to improperly fit stocks
•Reduced overall firearm length for improved storage options
•Improved accuracy, hit ratios or training scores with properly fit stock
Dual recoil compensation systems

•85 to 90 % reduction in perceived felt recoil
•Eliminates painful recoil
•Eliminates shooter fatigue, pain and recoil related injuries
•Increased accuracy and faster follow-up shots
•Cuts muzzle rise to get back on target faster
•Increased confidence & effectiveness in shotgun utilization
•Improved shot placment
•Utilize full power shotgun loads / No need for low recoil loads
•Eliminate harsh recoil on heavy shotgun loads
•Improved accuracy or training scores with elimination of harsh recoil
•Improved effectiveness of training time
"Super Tough" Polymer and Alloy construction

•Well proven materials for years of rugged and reliable service
•Corrosion resistant materials for use in all weather conditions
•Built tough for law enforcement and military environment
Removable Soft Rubber Butt Pad

•Improved shoulder grip / Removable for user customization
Complete Replacement Stock

•Includes all necessary components (Pistol Grip, Stock & ButtStock)
•No need to purchase separate parts, adapters or stocks
Single Bolt Installation (Pre-installed bolt & lock washer)

•Quick and easy single bolt installation
AR Style Adjustment Lever & Design (Def: AR- (Automatic Rifle), very common weapon, lever design)

•Simple common design to improve muli-firearm training
•Quick, positive & easy adjustment even under stress
•Easy to adjust even with gloves or small hands
Sling Attachment Points

•Multiple sling locations for easy sling or sling swivel installation
Ergonomic Pistol Grip with Integrated Non-Slip Texturing

•Improved shooter control and comfort

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